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Centralising Procurement, Warehousing & Distribution

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Centralising Procurement, Warehousing & Distribution
Multi-national cable communications provider

Issue Resolution
Multiple discreet ordering on vendor base for direct delivery leading to overstocking, inconsistent demand and specific localised shortages & stock-outs.
  • Through centralisation, smoothed demand profile and minimised stock-outs.
  • Eliminated duplication of safety stocking and excess stock build ups, allowing client to reduce overall stock holding.
  • Reduction of locally held stocks released space for value-add activity, as well as rationalisation and closure of storage facilities to save significant costs.
  • Increased negotiation leverage with vendor base.
  • Substantial reduction in administration and transactional activity improving throughput and reducing costs.
Regional Service & Support, Civils& Activation, and Network Equipment contracts inefficient and costly to manage.
  • Unified and renegotiated to national level contracts to optimise management efficiencies.
Warehousing & Distribution  
Issue Resolution
Regionally run warehousing and logistics leading to over-costed operation, overstocking and inefficiencies.
  • Introduction of 3PL operator reduced warehouse & materials direct headcount by 50%.
  • As the client’s business grew by acquisition, we were able to increase DC capacity within more efficient shift patterns, only increasing head count minimally, whilst providing much improved utilisation of MHE.
Optimatrix also managed a compliance programme to EU EMC directive. Cross functional, this project required network and product redesign, as well as substantial dialogue with DTI to obtain clarity of interpretation of this (then) new directive.